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Kimberly Fransens started her career as a performer/singer at a young age. As a child she played roles in professional musicals in Holland such as The Sound of Music (Joop van den Ende), Annie the Musical (V&V Entertainment) and also toured with ‘Kids on Tour’ at The Dutch Musical Ensemble. She saw the vast majority of theatres in Holland and realized she wanted to be on stage every day. 

When she was 15 years old she studied at the High School for Music and Dance at Rotterdam Conservatory (Codarts, School of Arts). When she graduated she came through the hard auditions for the bachelor study Musical Theatre at the Conservatory Rotterdam (Codarts, musical theatre). From here onwards she participated in lots of additional singing/performance/musical classes and began to develop herself as a real artist. She studied there for 2 years and started to think about her solo career as a singer. 

When she auditioned for ‘The Voice of Holland’ she quit school and decided to chase her dreams. Now she is ready for the world and is not letting anyone standing in her way. 

Let’s get ready for Kim!



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